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3rd july
itzy 's latest comeback
still haven 't listened to the song haha, but from what i saw on twt, it 's a special message for midzy, to always bet on them ? idk. there 's one scene that looks like yuna is uncomfortable around pics of herself in 'sneakers' era, which apparently shows that her confidence lowered because of the hate her and group received back then (and still)... def gonna check it out !

my first ever and favorite kpop bias is back, i couldn 't be more happy ! this def made my month...

i just opened a hive social account bc twitter is starting to annoy me ( thanks to el*n ), hive is pretty cute and i love the customization options. i love seeing a new social platoform growing, i think i 'll be sticking around for a while.

thursday, 6th july
newjeans' latest comeback: 'new jeans'!
the new song is so catchy omg, and the mv???? we got cute outfits, cute animations (in a whole bunch of art styles) and cute visuals!! i love it so much, can 't wait for 'super shy' to be released tomorrow morning, and ofc the song that has been playing in my head again and again eventhough we only got to listen to a teaser: ASAP ! i so excited for this cb.

exams !
my exams started today, i didn 't study properly (something which i am not proud of) but it turned out pretty good. i have another exam on monday but i don 't i need to hurry that much bc is only excel, like c 'mon.